dedicationtoyourinspiration said: Quit it

Lick it! Lick it!

generationtwisted said: Casey is one of the most incredible, strong & independent person I've ever had the pleasure to be around & I proudly call her MY best friend. She does not at all live in my shadow what so ever&nor did she 'loose all of her friends',she was smart enough to cut such toxic & manipulating people out of her life. & I can guarantee that was the best decision she made. So, if you have the courage to turn anon off and stop being so pathetic, I would love to personally give you my opinion.

I love you. <3

Anonymous said: you're actually so funny living in tamsin's shadow this whole time. don't have her come to me and try to sort out your shit. notice you've lost all your friends because you can never admit that you are wrong. ha. now you will try to defend yourself on this post to try and manipulate people into thinking you're so innocent. grow up casey. you were just another number to me.

Oh, okay.. That’s cool I guess.

If this was meant to offend me. I can assure you, It didn’t. Because I am so beyond the point of caring about what any person thinks about me or what I do and say.

And, nah I’m not going to “manipulate people into thinking I’m so innocent”, because honetly, I can’t be bothered. But, what I will say, is that. Tamsin loves me, and she is a very instinctively protective person. I’m just lucky enough to have a bestfriend that is so hurt when she sees me upset, that she feels obliged to say something to that person.

muh baby

ps: I would DEFINITELY let Johnny Depp teach me how to french kiss ANY day of the week.